The Art of Tasting

Dégustation de vin

Tasting that educates all Senses

The choice of the wine depends on the origin and the quality, coming from the efforts of the winegrowers. The vineyards are in the Gironde region; there is a special “terroir”, the soil and the links between certain microclimates, today a guaranty as a world reference.

Initiation of Wine Tasting

A tasting session is at first an initiation into pleasure.

A tasting session is at first an initiation into pleasure.

Wine tasting experiences means to have a capacity to identify a perception, which requires a special vocabulary. It consists of detecting, recognising, identifying and evaluating the properties of a wine, to learn about the relationship of value, the hard work and the know-how of the wine growers and the passion they have for their work. Wine growers put in effort after effort in the vineyard to ensure a quality harvest and then work in the wine cellar: fermenting, pressing, maturing….

To drink wine is a real pleasure but it has been developed over the centuries in the region of Bordeaux, an entire know-how, an art.

Wine growers from one generation to the next learned to create the subtle art of blending and the alliance of grape varieties to have more complex wines.

With a glass of wine, you’ll have the pleasure and sensuality of the taste and you need to discover the vocabulary.

Two people may taste the same wine differently, depending on their sensitivity, which depends upon an individual’s physical capabilities. It is essentially subjective.

A wine tasting session should be well organised and structured.

It is important to remember that a wine tasting comprises successive stages as: the visual stage, the olfactory stage and the gustatory stage, which requires a special vocabulary and is a language of emotions.

The wine tasting will open all of your senses and open your mind for contemplation of art.

Tasting brings all senses into play… »